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Miguel Rodriquez
(860) 682-4983

Call Miguel for all things Lease returns. He has all the answers! 

Chris Torna

Byram Tamri
Sales Professional

This Moroccan import is truly one of the best salespeople around. His infectious attitude and upbeat look at life will spread positivity to everyone he touches. He speaks fluent English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. He comes Casa Blanca.  He has a former tennis coach for over 20 years! How many times have you ever met anyone that could say that? Come say hello, to our very own, Byram Tamri.

David Crecco
Sales Consultant, internet specialist
(860) 682-4918

Dapper Dave! He handles all of our Lease returns, Call in advance to book your return @ 860-633-0261  

Glastonbury's Top Preowned sales rep.  Dave is a true professional who has worked for Langan VW for 5 plus years!  Knowledgeable, patient, and always willing to help his clients during and after the sale.  When not giving great deals on Volkswagens Dave spends time with his 2 sons and his pet Turtle Oscar.  Dave loves the Patriots, and just eats up the Red Sox. He's a real good man, with great intentions!

Genna Admitskiy
Pre Owned and Operations Manager
(855) 584-8546

Genna is the best Problem fixer the world has ever seen. No one gets cars looking better, and running smoother than Genna. His commitment to the New and used car department is over the top. By far the glue, that holds all departments together, by ensuring excellence in the front and the back of the house. Genna can be found tip toeing around the showroom with his green security rag singing the tune "you must understand" sung by the Pointer Sisters his favorite group. After recent hair plugs a little dippity due in his hair this cheeky little fellow will sing show tunes with his trusted Buffer.

Robert Johnson
Sales Professional

Start Date: 2003-05-05

Robert " Bobby" Johnson has done it all for the Langan Group. He has Managed stores, run New and Used car departments, and of course sell VW's at a very high level. Bob's very patient and very conscious of your time. His friendly and trustworthy approach is very calming. He loves all walks of life, and is a huge lover of Dogs. Bob also plays in a rock band on lead guitar and vocals. His passion for life come through the second you meet him. Bobby J, available now and at your service! 860-633-0261

Tyler Martocci
Sales Consultant

Start Date: 2014-11-01

Tyler has been off and on again with the Langan family of stores for over 14 plus years. He has sold cars, delviered parts, worked in service, and has now, found himself back at home where he belongs. His mild mannered approach to business never comes off aggressive. He genuinely cares about you, the customer. It's not hard to tell what makes "T" such a good guy. With a baby boy on the way soon, his life is about to change quickly. Visit Tyler today, or call 860-633-0261



Gene Langan, Jr.
Service Advisor
(855) 584-8546

Chris Osella
Service Manager
(855) 584-8546

Troy Gilbert
Service Advisor
(855) 584-8546

Troy. The staple of the service department. He is like a fixture in the Langan Auto Group . The back bone of the service team. Most know Troy, but for those who don't, he's a team player through and true. He is up early in snow storms plowing the lot, up late closing the store, and your friend at the service counter. A great ally for any VW Owner. Call Troy today to book your service appointment now!

Marlon George
Service Advisor
860-633-0261 x 1103

Start Date: 2017-05-01

Former Technician for over 12 years, right here for VW, his body started to quit on him. Now he lives at the service counter as an advisor. You can rest assure, Marlon knows his stuff, and will never steer you wrong!

Steve Ziegler
Master Auto Technician

D. Scott Johnson
Master Auto Technician

Michael Scriven
Auto Technician

Amy Ayala
Service Department



Steve "Swiss" Pasqualini
Business Office Manager
(855) 584-8543