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What is Volkswagen 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive?

For those who desire optimum power and control from their Volkswagen vehicle, turn to a Volkswagen model that is equipped with 4MOTION® all-wheel drive. What is 4MOTION®? The team at our Volkswagen dealership near Hartford, CT, is happy to help you test-drive a VW 4MOTION® model and answer any questions you may have, such as "How does 4MOTION® work?" and "Which Volkswagen models have 4MOTION®?" Stop by today and see how 4MOTION® AWD can enhance your daily drives.

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What is 4MOTION®?

There's a lot going on behind the scenes when you have a Volkswagen engineered with 4MOTION® all-wheel drive. The Volkswagen 4MOTION® AWD system delivers power to all four wheels of your vehicle, which maximizes your control and provides you with better handling of various terrains and weather conditions. This feature becomes even more beneficial when paired with traction control, electronic stability control and anti-lock braking technologies.

Which Volkswagen Models have 4MOTION®?

The 4MOTION® AWD system is available on popular new Volkswagen SUVs like the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan and 2018 VW Atlas. It is also available on Volkswagen hatchback models like the VW Golf Alltrack and Volkswagen Golf SportWagen. All-new models, such as the 2019 Volkswagen Arteon, will be outfitted with 4MOTION® AWD as well.

How Can I Learn More About Volkswagen 4MOTION® AWD?

Visit us at Gene Langan Volkswagen of Glastonbury! Our sales associates are always happy to answer any inquiries you have about what 4MOTION® means when you're buying or leasing a new Volkswagen SUV or wagon. Browse our inventory and find a new Volkswagen for sale that includes 4MOTION® AWD.

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